How does your school meet the individual needs of each student?

It's 10 am, science again. Several of your students are great at science, they need more tuition on geography but the timetable doesn't allow for that. It’s one size fits all. Most schools are like this but would rather personalise education, matching need with delivery. This is extremely difficult to implement because it requires time and resources to be organised in a completely new way. There are no software tools to support this approach.

During the past year we've connected with schools across the country to understand their vision for curriculum modelling and timetabling and identify key barriers. We're now working on a solution: a web app for flexible curriculum modelling; enabling teachers from different departments to collaborate effectively and helping schools explore how to deploy resources creatively. For example Science and Geography might choose to run a joint project, team teaching, which would be great for your students because it would help bring to life a subject they are struggling with.

The app will host an online community for schools to share solutions that work and seek inspiration. We aim to provide free, or inexpensive, support for personalised learning. The goal is simple: to ensure every child achieves their potential.

Does your school have a vision for personalised timetabling?

Contact us now, be part of the solution.